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Noble Headcanons


Carter likes Van Halen, to the point of being obsessive
Six likes cat puns, mostly to mess with Kat
Kat likes big subwoofers so she can make buildings shake
Jun scares Six with his laugh
Jorge finds Jun annoying, but in an amusing way
Emile is convinced that Shotgun is a seat worthy only of cool people (and people who actually carry shotguns)
Six despises teenagers, and the color pink
Kat hates country music with a passion
Jun can’t stand people who call snipers campers and will go out of his way to anger them
Thom Emile and Jun were bros and often pranked people
Six is easily ticked off by civvies because their “lack of durability”
Carter likes really scary movies and often watches them at night after everyone is asleep
Kat is legit terrified of dial up
Emile’s favorite word is FUBAR
Carter has a sweet tooth
Jun is kind of a nerd and collects comics and crap like that (and loves pokemon)
Kat hates cats and prefers dogs
Emile has tattoos
Jorge loves folk music
Six is likes to sing a lot in the shower and is a total blanket hog

(Some interesting headcanons me and Sarah [urgh I forget her url here] have)

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I’m so super Sorry I haven’t really been online lately. I’ve been busy working on my art portfolio because it really needs to get done. I know I still owe you guys requests and I promise I will get to them at some point.

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Handy dandy photoset of all your favorite freelancers! Now with captions listing the flowers used for each (message me if you’re curious about the reason for choosing them; the explanation would make this caption far longer than I want).

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And now, Miles “Will break your heart and laugh while he drinks your tears” Luna in SPARTAN armor. Damn, he looks good.

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well what do you do when you don’t wanna draw a helmet but you also don’t wanna disrupt anyone’s headcanon.

an exercise in avoiding drawing washington’s face.

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rooster teeth challenge: one quote

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Sooo Felix is jealous? XD




not really if anything it’s a party

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"He’s brilliant and dangerous. Just don’t get him talking. He never shuts up."

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Cracked Visors

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North was soooo cooool in RvB Guns For Hire: Episode 0 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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Come back alive.

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Geoff touching Joel in Dress Rehersal

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Welcome to Maine
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