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control is the rvb fandom and we did't even realize it


wow if thats true then you could say that the show has gotten a little


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You are to transfer back to your respective armies and report the deaths of the reds and blues. They will become the martyrs needed to push these people toward one final confrontation 

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reppin blue team since 2004

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when will my eyebrows return from war

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Remember when Never Have I Ever games used to be like “never have I ever had sex *giggle*”

Now it’s like “never have I ever had a six person orgy in a broom closet” and people are all like ‘crap, I’m out.’”

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Anyone who hasn’t experienced the ecstasy of betrayal knows nothing about ecstasy at all - Jean Genet

oh hey look it’s the biggest asshole on this side of chorus gods how i hate him

we all thought he was a jerk with a heart of gold; turns out he was just a huge jerk

i’m actually pretty fond of him partly because i know he’s going to get what’s coming in the most baffling way possible and i can’t wait

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requested by a reddit user on how i colour!! very common and basic, but i thought i’d share in case they didn’t know! (i use paint tool sai)

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bitters' reaction was a big thing because he acted like he didn't care like nothing bothered him like everything was uncool and he was the one who actually lost his cool knowing his asshole captain was dead. thats a guy losing all hope thats a guy blaming himself for it thats a…

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Tex is the most badass and I love her.