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I’m so super Sorry I haven’t really been online lately. I’ve been busy working on my art portfolio because it really needs to get done. I know I still owe you guys requests and I promise I will get to them at some point.

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Handy dandy photoset of all your favorite freelancers! Now with captions listing the flowers used for each (message me if you’re curious about the reason for choosing them; the explanation would make this caption far longer than I want).

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And now, Miles “Will break your heart and laugh while he drinks your tears” Luna in SPARTAN armor. Damn, he looks good.

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well what do you do when you don’t wanna draw a helmet but you also don’t wanna disrupt anyone’s headcanon.

an exercise in avoiding drawing washington’s face.

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rooster teeth challenge: one quote

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Sooo Felix is jealous? XD




not really if anything it’s a party

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"He’s brilliant and dangerous. Just don’t get him talking. He never shuts up."

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Cracked Visors

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North was soooo cooool in RvB Guns For Hire: Episode 0 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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Come back alive.

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Geoff touching Joel in Dress Rehersal

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Welcome to Maine
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If we don’t figure out something, “Maybe Later” will be an epitaph on a mass grave of eleven billion.